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Innovative Spirits from London’s Unique Micro Distillery

Bimber use only natural ingredients and traditional methods to craft a range of quality spirits. From unique Oak Aged and Fruit Infused Vodkas to classic London Dry Gin, the range has already received multiple awards from the International Spirits Challenge & the International Wine & Spirits Competition.


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Our Whisky

One of the first to be produced in London for over a century

We are one of the first London distilleries to produce Single Malt Whisky for over a century. Our English barley is carefully selected before malting, then it is mashed, fermented and distilled in our two copper pot stills. We age our new-make spirit in four different cask types: ex-Bourbon, ex-Pedro Ximenez, ex-Port & virgin American oak. The first batches will become whisky in June 2019.


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Inspired by Tradition

“We know how to craft spirits. You know how to appreciate them”

Distilled, bottled and labelled at our site in Park Royal, West London we use only natural ingredients and traditional methods to craft a unique range of spirits.

The distillery was founded in August 2015, with our first vodka bottling in early 2016. Our two alembic copper stills (Doris & Astraea) take pride of place at the heart of our London site.

Bimber takes its name from the Polish for moonshine, in honour of our founder’s heritage, and befitting our refined, innovative take on spirits.

Doris & Astraea are currently kept busy distilling one of the first Single Malt Whiskies to have been made in London for a century, which will launch in June 2019.


ABOUT Bimber

Bimber Whisky


Inspired by traditional Scottish distilling and Polish moonshining, a unique malt whisky of genuine character and refined qualityRead more.

London Single Malt Whisky
Bikber Barley Vodka

English Barley Vodka

Distilled from the finest English BarleyRead more.

English Barley Vodka
Bimber Distillery

Distillery Experience

We welcome you to our West London distilleryRead more.

Experiences & Tours

London Dry Gin

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London Dry Gin

Bimber Oak Aged Vodka

Every now and then an idea comes along that makes you wonder why no one came up with it before...Read more

Oak Aged Vodka

Bimber Infused Vodka

From Blackberry Vodka to Cherry Vodka to Summer Fruit Vodka to Blackcurrant Vodka.... Read more

Infused Vodka

English Barley: From Grain to Glass
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World Whisky Day
Admin | 24 May
World Whisky Day 2017 falls on Saturday the 20th of May, which is exactly one year since the first distillations of Bimber Distillery’s London Single Malt...
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Bimber Distillery
Naming The Stills
Admin | 03 February
Copper pot stills play a crucial role in producing top-quality spirits.  Our stills are hand-made and especially designed for micro-distilleries.  We use...
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