Oak Aged Vodka

We owe a lot to Poland, not least the proliferation of Vodka!

Produced from the early middle-ages, the first written reference to the word Vodka was from Polish court documents in 1405. These early spirits would have been used for medicinal purposes, and inevitably grew in popularity throughout the following centuries, as they were exported across the continent.

One particular style of this humble spirit is a twice-distilled rye-grain vodka, aged in oak barrels and infused with fruit tree leaves. Named Starka, it grew in popularity in Poland and Lithuania from the 15th century, becoming a favourite of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth by the 17th century.

The colour of the spirit darkens as it ages, drawing flavours from the oak, much like whisky or brandy.

Taking inspiration from these early Starka vodkas, we have brought aged vodka up-to-date with our spice-infused, Bourbon cask matured spirit.

We use a four times distilled wheat vodka base: Cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods and dried cloves are allowed to infuse for up to three months in old Bourbon casks imported from Kentucky.

Filtered and bottled at 42%abv, Bimber Distillery Oak Aged Vodka is a unique spirit – there nothing else being produced in the UK that comes close to its fruity, warming and rich layers of toasted oak, warming cinnamon, heady vanilla and light clove spice.

Our Ingredients

Ex Bourbon cask matured





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