Bringing Back a Classic: Bimber Creates London Dry Gin

It was always going to be a big moment for us. Following on the heels of our distillery refurbishment project, we’re proud to announce the very first batch of London dry gin has been produced at Bimber Distillery.

While many distilleries work hard to produce something distinct and new, we’ve always been keen on bringing back a real classic – at least as far as our gin is concerned. We decided early on we wouldn’t create a brand new recipe. Why should we, when the archives held the Old English recipe that was such a success in times gone by?

So, instead of spending precious time creating a brand new gin to compete with others on the market today, we’ve gone back in time. We managed to unearth the very same recipe that was created centuries ago and led to a real London dry gin enjoyed and appreciated by the people from that time.

An old-fashioned recipe, and an old-fashioned copper still pot to match…

Our copper still, created especially for making our London dry gin, is a sight to behold. Made carefully by hand in Portugal, it is capable of holding an impressive 500 litres of gin at any one time.

Patience has been in short supply here at the distillery, as we’ve waited to discover the outcome of the brewing process. Just seeing the huge copper still, holding its precious cargo, was an exciting experience. Knowing what was inside – the wheat vodka base and our blend of 10 botanicals, adhering to the old classic recipe we discovered – made it that much harder to wait patiently for the process to reach its natural conclusion.

And the consequences?

The moment finally came to sample the London dry gin. There is always some hesitancy, and the thought that perhaps it wouldn’t meet our exceptionally-high standards. But we needn’t have worried. Tastings confirmed the gin is truly outstanding – a fantastic achievement for Bimber Distillery!

It was an exciting day for us. We were delighted to have produced such a wonderful gin. We’re hoping you like it just as much as we do. It’s hand-crafted and has an incredible aroma, promising warmth and the strength of flavour a good-quality gin should always have.

But don’t take our word for it. Give it a try – neat, with tonic or with a variety of other ingredients to complement and bring out the flavours. It’s a journey you’ll definitely want to go on.