A Different Kind of Vodka

There are many different varieties of vodka on the market today. However, we feel certain you won’t have come across oak-aged vodka before.

Today is that day.

Oak-aged vodka has a long history in Poland, gaining in popularity from the 15th century onwards. Since the director of Bimber Distillery has close connections with Poland, it made sense to finally introduce oak-aged vodka to the UK.

Distilled four times

Our vodka originates from wheat. It goes through a distillation process four times over to create the base from which we create all our vodkas (and our London dry gin, too).

But the most important stage is arguably what happens next. We brought a selection of bourbon barrels from the United States to London, ready to infuse our vodka with the heady aroma and flavour of the barrels themselves. Bimber Distillery also has a secret recipe that adds a unique blend of spices to the vodka. Together, the barrels and spices combine to infuse the vodka with a truly unique flavour and depth, like nothing you have ever tasted before.

The maturation process

It was truly exciting to witness each stage of the process. The barrels are safely stored in our distillery, allowing time to work its magic on the vodka, the spices and of course the barrels themselves. The aroma from this unique blend ensures the resulting vodka has one of the most special flavours of them all.

Do try our oak-aged vodka today, to sample a taste of Polish history. This really is unlike any other vodka you will ever have tried. Bimber Distillery is proud to be the first company to bring this distinctly-Polish recipe to the UK. Will you be one of its early fans?

 Bimber Distillery