International Wine & Spirit Competition

As we have been on a roll of winning medals and trophies we decided to send some samples of our spirits to the International Wine & Spirit Competition, IWSC, to see how we score this time around. IWSC was designed to award excellent spirits and wines worldwide and recognise top quality products. They differ slightly from other spirit competitions by doing a chemical analysis for all the part taking spirits and wines.

This means that the detailed chemical and microbiological analysis, which is undertaken by an independent third party, will identify "show products" that may not be the true representation of the product that consumers would buy from the shelf.

IWSC tasting panels are all industry experts and they blind taste all products for over a period of seven months. After all you can only taste certain amount before you compromise your taste buds!

The spirits are tasted by style, region (if applicable), age and ABV.

The spirits we sent out to take part were Oak-Aged Vodka, London Dry Gin, Cherry-infused Vodka and Summer Fruit Vodka. All our products were awarded and recognised!

Both Oak-Aged and Summer Fruit Vodka received the Silver Outstanding Award for exceptional and excellent quality!

Our London Dry Gin was awarded with Silver Award for excellent quality and Cherry-infused Vodka received the Bronze Award.

We are very happy with the results and once again Bimber Distillery’s hard work and commitment paid off! If you haven’t tried our Award Winning Vodkas and Gin yet now is the time!