Bimber is excited to announce the distillation of one of London’s first single malt whiskies for over a century!  After a long wait, a new whisky licence was issued on the 9th May 2016. Whisky will be a very important addition to the award-winning vodka and gin range.

Bimber is distilling, ageing & bottling single-cask whisky. The whisky will be aged in ex-Bourbon, ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry, ex-ruby port & virgin American Oak barrels –  creating a selection of unique whiskies. The casks range from 50 to 190 litres:  Smaller casks equal faster maturation, and will also add more character to the final spirits.

Mashing and fermentation started on the day the licence was approved. The fermentation process continued for seven days, after which, distillation started on the 16th of May. The spirit is distilled twice, in the traditional Scottish way, using handmade 600 litre and 1,000 litre alembic copper pot stills.
This week represents a milestone in Bimber’s journey, as the first four casks will be filled and left to mature for a minimum of three years and one day.  These first casks are ex-bourbon, ex- Pedro Ximenex sherry and virgin American oak.

About Bimber Distillery

Bimber Distillery opened their doors in 2015 and immediately differentiated themselves from the rest of the London-based distilleries by insisting on no artificial colouring, flavours or added sugars, as well as being the only distillery producing both whisky and vodka. All the spices, botanicals, berries and barley are selected with extra care to guarantee the purest craft spirits.

The range currently includes fruit-infused vodkas, London dry gin and oak-aged vodka. The distillery owners come from a Polish background, which is why they have created oak-aged vodka based on a secret family recipe.

Already receiving industry recognition, the oak-aged vodka and London dry gin both won gold, and the blackcurrant vodka won silver medals in the International Spirit Challenge [ISC] last month.

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