Copper pot stills play a crucial role in producing top-quality spirits.  Our stills are hand-made and especially designed for micro-distilleries.  We use ours daily to carefully create small batches of refined, characterful spirits.

When Bimber Distillery took delivery of two beautiful handmade stills from Spanish manufacturer Hoga, we had an immediate problem: what do we name them?

Tradition favours female names, and wewanted to also reflect the essence of what makes our distillery special; in our dedication to traditional methods and natural ingredients.

We wanted the names to be glamorous, dramatic and traditional – conjouring everything that encapsulated our approach, which is why we named the largest still… Doris!

Now before you laugh, did you know Doris is a Grecian sea Goddess?  A Goddess of the waters, she looks after the mouths of rivers where fresh waters flow freely. Her name is made up of two words, dóron – gift and zóros – pure. In Greek mythology Doris is anOceanidnymphand a wife of the sea god Nereus.

The name ‘vodka’ comes from Slavic word voda, meaning water, so we trust our Doristo ensure we will never run out - and we only create the purest spirits.

So with Doris appropriately named, we then had to decide on a fitting name her little sister.

Astraea is a Greek goddess of innocence and purity, striving endlessly for perfection and with great attention to detail.  Given the task of our smaller still is to refine our final new-make spirit, it is the perfect name.  Astraea is also connected with the month of December, which is when our first ever batches of spirits were distilled in 2015.

So, both Doris and Astraea, named after Greek goddesses, stand proudly side by side.  Representing water and purity, we keep our two special ladies busy producing perfectly refined spirits. 

Do get in touch should you wish to meet the ladies and learn more about Bimber Distillery and our production methods.