Our third set of barrels are from Spain, where they were used for making Pedro Ximenez sherry. These ex-sherry casks will add plenty of syrupy sweetness and rich fruit flavours, which often makes for a great ‘beginners’ whisky!

More about PX

Pedro Ximenez, is a white grape variety mainly used in sherry production. Its origins are in Spain, but the variety has spread to Australia and South America.

PX sherry is very sweet and dark in colour. The texture is almost syrupy due to the high levels of sugar (over 212 grams per liter!)

What do we expect?

Sherry barrels are often used for ‘finishing’ whisky after maturation in other casks. Here at Bimber, we will allow some of our London Single Malt Whisky to rest in PX barrels for the whole maturation period.

PX barrels always makes the final spirit sweeter, and it has an impact on the colour as well. As we are resting the spirit for minimum of 3 years and one day we are expecting dark, golden, treacle-like colour.

Three to four liters of sherry are left in the barrels to prevent drying and keep them fresh. We are expecting strong and sweet sherry flavour from our whisky: Think black cherries and dried fruits such as raisins, figs and dates.

It is more common for sherry to be matured in American oak, but we have managed to source PX matured in Spanish oak. These two oak barrels differ a lot in flavour: European oak, including Spanish oak, is tighter grained, which ives darker and spicier flavours, with bitter tannins, dried fruit and caramelized citrus notes.

Something for everyone…

At Bimber Distillery we are already known for our versatile spirit range, there is something for everyone’s palate. We want to achieve the same with our whiskies, and by not only using single casks for each batch, but to also have a selection of four types of cask, we will bottle at least four very different styles of London Single Malt. The whisky matured in PX barrels will be much sweeter compared to the others and will give be a great starting point for those new to whisky.

If you are intrigued and would like to know more about our London Single Malt Whisky production, please contact us.