World Whisky Day 2017 falls on Saturday the 20th of May, which is exactly one year since the first distillations of Bimber Distillery’s London Single Malt Whisky!

Since then, 150 casks of our ground-breaking spirit have been laid, and are maturing at our West London distillery warehouse.

Distilled from the finest malted English Barley - sourced from a single farm by Britain’s oldest working maltings – Bimber combines traditional techniques with a modern approach to ageing, resulting in young-drinking whiskies of unique character.

Distilling an incredibly refined yet complex new make is the key to producing young drinking whiskies of exceptional quality, and this can’t be done without the utmost care and attention being paid to every process:  From sourcing exceptional barley which has been malted specifically for whisky distilling, to gentle mashing and fermentation at a low temperature to produce a rich and flavourful wash, culminating in double-distillation between our two handmade copper pot stills.Our new-make spirit is soft and sweet, with bready notes of fresh dough and tropical fruit.

We are ageing our single malt spirit in four different cask types – each chosen for the individual aromas, flavours and colour they impart throughout the ageing process.  These are Ex-Bourbon; Ex-Sherry, Ex-Port & Virgin American Oak – with each cask used only once for maximum impact.

The first batch of this historically important whisky will be released in 2019, and you can purchase bottles from batch one of the Signature Edition now!

However, you don’t have to wait until 2019 to taste some of these incredible spirits:  Available now is delicious blend of 6-month-old Bourbon, Sherry & Virgin Oak casks (5cl 46%abv):

We look forward to welcoming you to the distillery on one of our unique experiences, which can be booked here.