The World's Best Londoner

Regardless of whether it is cold, hot, rainy or windy outside, we are confident you will love the taste of our Oak Aged Vodka mixed together with our fresh fruit infused Cherry Vodka. You wonder what is great about our The Londoner cocktail! It is both a cool weather and holiday drink with the sensation of vanilla and soft oak. Powerful and smoky aroma. Oh yes. Hello to The World’s Best Londoner cocktail! Burn the pepper and let it rest over the glass.

Pour 45 ml Bimber Oak Aged Vodka , 10ml of Bimber Cherry Infused Vodka, 15ml Carpano Antica formula into a mixing glass. Stir it and strain into a glass over 6-8 ice cubes. Decorate with a dehydrated slice of orange and enjoy!