English Barley Vodka

Distilled from the finest English Barley, the result is a wonderfully smooth and buttery spirit that is nuanced with nutty, fruity notes and an extraordinarily soft month feel. A delicious expression that proves vodka can deliver flavour and character when distilled with care and attention. It is a myth that premium vodka should be odourless and taste of very little, or that it should be served from the freezer (far from it!): Good quality vodka will reflect the character of its base ingredient; whether barley, potato or any other grain. Bimber Barley Vodka is a triple distilled, unfiltered vodka of true character.

We take our double-distilled new make spirit, and distil it for a third and final time in our copper column still. This distillation refines the spirit to 96%abv, transforming our London Single Malt into vodka. Bottled at 40%abv, our vodka retains the perfect amount of soft barley character, with hints of lemongrass and citrus fruit. There is no need to filter, add glycerin, fructose, or any aromatisers


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