Single Malt London Whisky

First Release Pre-Sale

Bimber Distillery is proud to announce a limited series some of the first single malt whiskies to have been made in London for over a century. With great respect to tradition, we use old fashioned methods of mashing, fermenting and distilling to create a unique single malt of true character.

Virgin american Oak Cask


This London Single Malt is made from English barley, floor malted in the old-fashioned way, creating a unique malt of outstanding quality. Double distilled in traditional copper pot stills for a refined & complex flavour. Maturing in first fill specially selected Virgin American Oak cask, at Bimber Distillery allowing for the full influence of the cask to be imparted on to the whisky.

Unlike most Scotch whisky, we are ageing this whisky from day one in brand new American Oak casks, imparting masses of charred oak character from the moment the cask is filled.

  • Cask No.007 – Virgin American Oak – 190 litres
  • Filled date: 06.06.2016
  • Non-chill filtered
  • Natural cask strength
  • Natural colour
  • Single cask

Tasting Note (6 months old)

NOSE: Concentrated vanilla, leather smoke with tobacco and chocolate.
PALATE: Concentrated vanilla, leather smoke with tobacco and chocolate.
FINISH: Concentrated vanilla, leather smoke with tobacco and chocolate.


The Virgin Cask Matured release is the first of its kind .This single malt spirit will mature into whisky in 2019, when we will bottle and release a single cask.(Limited to 200 bottles)
This limited release of 200 bottles only is available to purchase in now. If you would like to reserve a specific bottle number, please contact us directly.

What you will receive – and when

After purchasing, you will receive samples from the cask as it matures, starting with the new-make spirit and a certificate of ownership:

Upon purchase: 1x 5cl bottle of new make spirit, Certificate of ownership
2017: 1x 5cl One-year-old sample
2018: 1x 5cl Two-year-old sample
2019: 1x 70cl Bimber Single Malt London Whisky in wooden box(Virgin Cask Matured, single cask, one of 200 bottles only)
Lifetime Membership: You will also become a lifetime member of Bimber Distillery’s Whisky Club, receiving advanced notification of all future releases, as well as 10% discount on direct purchases of all Bimber products.


Bimber Single Malt  Whisky - Virgin Gask Matured