Blackberry Infused Vodka

Taking inspiration from Polish “Nalewka” we have brought infused vodka into the 21st century, using a finest wheat vodka and infusing it with a variety of fresh fruit and carefully selected spices for up to eight weeks. Bimber’s Blackberry infused vodka are made with a four-times distilled wheat spirit, which is rested with the Blackberries, Vanilla and Cloves for up to eight weeks, before filtered and bottled at the distillery. No artificial flavours or additives just pure, homemade taste delivered in small batches.

Bottled at 42%abv.

Tasting Note

Bright, green and fleshy.  Imagine breathing in the aromas of Blackberry bush, with hints of freshly cut grass.

Vibrant berry fruit character is framed by clean acidity and firm tannins.  Well balanced with a light, dry spice.

Long and clean, with a touch of vanilla

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