Cherry Infused Vodka

Taking inspiration from Polish “Nalewka” we have brought infused vodka into the 21st century, using a finest wheat vodka and infusing it with a variety of fresh fruit and carefully selected spices for up to eight weeks. 

Bimber’s cherry infused vodka are made with a four-times distilled wheat spirit, which is rested with the Cherries for up to eight weeks, before filtered and bottled at the distillery. No artificial flavours or additives just pure, homemade taste delivered in small batches

Bottled at 42%abv.

Tasting Note

Dark, earthy aromas of black cherry and soil.

Intense and off-dry:  Chocolaty tannins support the deep cherry character, with flavours of the skin, flesh and stone combining perfectly.

Like sucking on the stone of a perfectly ripe cherry.  Dry with hints of fleshy fruit

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