Bimber London Single Malt Whisky

From Grain to Glass

London has for a long time been a global centre for art, fashion, philosophy, economics, justice… and drinking culture.
Every day new people arrive in London seeking opportunities in education, business, design and manufacture. Over 220 languages are spoken in the capital – more than any other city in the world.
It makes sense, then, that a distiller with Polish moonshining heritage would establish a craft distillery in Park Royal, home to some of the UK’s (and the world’s) biggest drinks companies
and food producers.
Bimber Distillery is a combination of tradition, craft, innovation, and inspiration by nature.
Inspired by traditional process of double distilling in copper stills, Bimber distil a unique malt whisky of genuine character and refined quality.
Here our process is described in detail, from grain to glass, so you can see exactly what makes our whisky so special: From our 100% English Barley, sourced from one of the country’s only remaining traditional maltsters, to our gentle fermentation, precise distillation, and maturation in four completely different cask types.


Whisky Process

Malted Barley

Our barley is sourced from English farms by Warminster Maltings.  Producing malted barley since 1855, we are proud to work with Britain's oldest working maltings.

Floor Malting

This is the process which initiates germination, starting to convert the barley's starch into soluble sugars ready for fermentation.


Drying the barley halts the germination process, allowing the now malted barley to be crushed, stored and then transported to the distillery.


We mash the malted barley with hot water, in a stainless steel mash tun, which gives us a clear liquid rich in soluble sugars.  This liquid is called wort.


It takes up to a week to ferment the wort at a steady, low temperature.  The resulting 'beer' is between 8-10% abv and now ready for distillation.


The first of two distillations take place in Doris, our 1000 litre alembic still, followed by a second distillation in Astraea, our 600 litre still.  The resulting 'new make' spirit is ready for ageing.


We bring the new-make spirit down to 63.5%abv, then it is laid in four different cask types.  These are ex-Bourbon, ex-Port, ex-Pedro Ximenez Sherry & Virgin American Oak.


After a minimum of three years in cask, we can bottle our whisky.  The first editions of Bimber London Single Malt will be bottled from June 2019.


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